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Every journey is so powerful, and we all need all themes. I have my favorite journeys to start with. And I love to repeat some journeys again and again. So, take a look at all journeys, feel it and choose one to start.

The different themes of every 9D breathwork journey

Let's look at it like an onion - we peel away layer by layer to get to the core. In the journeys, we peel away layer after layer of our trauma, patterns, negative experiences or subjective perceptions to get to our core - our true self.

But of course, it's nice to use different journeys to address different issues/problems/hurdles. And that's why I give you a little insight into the content of each one.

#1 Signature Letting Go

Embark on a transformative 9D Breathwork journey, specifically designed to support you if you are are grappling with the challenge of letting go, whether it be difficult events from the past, feelings of resentment, or judgments towards yourself or others. It provides a nurturing space for those seeking to activate deeper meaning and purpose in their lives, offering an opportunity to rediscover and reconnect with their authentic selves

This immersive experience liberates you from the grip of the past, shedding physical and psychological burdens that cause discomfort. Through forgiveness, self-love, acceptance, and resilience, key themes intertwine, propelling personal transformation.

You release the weight of past traumas, experiencing emotional stability, tranquility, and restoring balance. This transformative journey is a stepping stone to ongoing growth and healing, empowering the evolution of your true self.

Embrace profound liberation, enriching your life with purpose and possibility.

Signature Letting Go - 9D Breathwork Journey
9D Breathwork Journey - Five Primary Trauma Imprints

#2 Five Primary Trauma Imprints

Welcome to the transformative realm of the 9D Breathwork Journey for Releasing & Healing the 5 Primary Trauma Imprints - an immersive exploration dedicated to resolving the imprints of our childhood experiences.

Delve deep into the healing process as we address the profound wounds of premature separation from love, rejection, abandonment, shaming, and lack of presence. These imprints, carried from our formative years, silently shape our adult lives, revealing themselves through various challenges, including victim mentality, trust and intimacy issues, co-dependency, relationship struggles, emotional dysregulation, anxiety, depression, and more.

Expect to emerge from this experience with a profound sense of liberation, newfound clarity, and an empowered state of being. As the imprints dissolve, you embark on a transformative path toward healing, allowing you to embrace life with renewed vitality and inner strength.

#3 Healing Ancestral Lines

Break free from intergenerational trauma, the root cause of human suffering.

This transformative journey is for those seeking to sever the chains of these struggles and halt the cycle of trauma. Unresolved intergenerational trauma manifests as chronic anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, and disconnection.

Experience profound healing and resilience as you release these burdens. Rewrite your narrative, restore harmony within, and create a legacy of empowerment. Liberate yourself from the cycles of suffering and pave the way for a brighter future.

Find healing and resolution for intergenerational wounds, allowing for a transformative shift in your relationship with yourself, your family, and future generations.

9D Breathwork Journey - Healing Ancestral Lines
9D Breathwork Journey - The Full Reset

#4 The Full Reset

Buckle your seatbelts and get ready for the Full System Reset, a somatic 9D Breathwork experience purpose-built to aid you in the mastery of release.

This all-encompassing experience frees you from the clutches of the past, discarding both physical and psychological loads that foster unease. Interweaving the central themes of acceptance, gratitude, self-belief and courage it fosters a powerful personal rebirth.

You'll cast off the heaviness of old programming, creating space for emotional resilience, inner peace, and renewed equilibrium. This revitalizing journey acts as a cornerstone for sustained growth and recovery, fortifying the emergence of your genuine self.

Welcome deep-seated freedom, augmenting your existence with renewed intent and boundless potential.

#5 Down Regulation for Stress & Anxiety

Strap in and prepare for the Stress Relief Sojourn, a targeted breathwork experience meticulously crafted to guide you towards serene tranquility.

This 9D Breathwork Journey navigates you through the rough waters of anxiety, liberating you from the tight grip of day-to-day tensions.

Incorporating deep belly breathing, coherent breathing, box breathing and the 4:2:6 method, it blends a harmonious rhythm of relaxation techniques. And for a hint of invigoration, the infinity breathing technique provides a subtle activation, allowing you to gently explore the sensation of energizing your system.

Centered around the themes of calm, centeredness, clarity, and serenity, this expedition fosters a profound personal retreat. You'll shed the weight of accumulated stress, making way for mental clarity, peaceful repose, and rejuvenated balance.

This soothing voyage serves as a foundation for continued mental wellness and resilience, bolstering the revelation of your calmest self. Embrace the embrace of quietude, enhancing your life with a renewed sense of peace and boundless tranquility.

9D Breathwork Journey - Down Regulation for Stress & Anxiety
9D Breathwork Journey - Abundance

#6 Abundance

Engage in a potent 9D Breathwork expedition, tailor-made to empower you in the art of releasing financial limitations.

This immersive experience frees you from the constraints of old money narratives, shedding economic and mental hurdles that impede prosperity. Through abundance, self-belief, acceptance, and resilience, key themes coalesce, fostering financial metamorphosis.

You dissolve the shackles of past money beliefs, experiencing financial freedom, peace, and restored equilibrium. This transformative journey is a stepping stone towards perpetual abundance and prosperity, enabling the growth of your affluent self.

Embrace profound financial liberation, enriching your life with wealth and unlimited possibilities.

#7 Down-Regulation and Regeneration

Designed for individuals new to Breathwork, with contraindicating health conditions or an overactive nervous system, this offering provides essential support in processing and integrating any potential challenges.

Embark on a gentle and transformative 9D Breathwork Journey for Integration & Regeneration. This Breathwork experience fosters relaxation, grounding, and wholeness. Engaging the vagus nerve and activating the parasympathetic "rest and digest" response, it guides you into profound calm.

Through hypnotherapy, subliminal messages, visualization, and deliberate breathing, discover the power of breath for rejuvenation and integration. Explore harmony within your mind and body.

Nurture yourself, grow, and transform.

9D Breathwork Journey - Down-Regulation and Regeneration
9D Breathwork Journey - Awakening

#8 Awakening

Fasten your seatbelt as you transcend the dream spell, revealing the unfiltered truth of your existence - empowered, sovereign, and free. Peel back layers, shedding fictions that kept you feeling small. 

This 9D Breathwork haven releases burdens of the past, bidding farewell to negativity, self-criticism, and judgments, allowing reconnection with your authentic self. 

Inspired by themes of acceptance, gratitude, self-belief, and courage, The Awakening sparks a potent personal rebirth, creating space for emotional resilience, inner peace, and restored balance. 

This revitalizing expedition fortifies sustained growth, guiding you toward a life illuminated by authenticity, self-discovery, and the empowering truth of your sovereignty.

#9 The Origin

Embark on "The Origin," a 9D Breathwork Journey underscored by a powerful musical tapestry of melodic vocals, chants, and tones, each meticulously designed to delve into your soul's depths. 

This symphony of sound and breath creates a sanctuary for introspection and connection to your essence, facilitating a profound release of tension and blockages. Throughout the session, you're guided towards elevated levels of self-compassion, acceptance, and renewal, revealing the authentic self within

It's a transformative experience, where the potency of music and breath intertwines to foster emotional clarity, tranquility, and a rebirth into your truest potential.

9D Breathwork Journey - Transcending Fear

#10 Transcending Fear

Step into the realm of the Transcending Fear 9D Breathwork Experience, meticulously crafted to redefine your relationship with the shadows of uncertainty. This journey operates as a masterclass in re-education, utilizing the potent synergy of hypnotherapy's trance-inducing language and advanced NLP techniques. 

By journeying through this experience, you confront fear, allowing it to serve as the gateway to the life you've always envisioned. Central themes of reprogramming, reframing, and empowerment interlace, facilitating a seismic shift in deep-seated beliefs surrounding fear. 

As you traverse, you'll rewire neural pathways, granting a renewed perspective on harnessing fear as a tool for unparalleled growth. This transformative expedition stands not just as an experience but as a beacon for continued evolution, championing the metamorphosis of your most empowered self. 

Engage with fear, unlocking a life brimming with potential and uncharted horizons.

#11 Letting go and Moving on

Embark on the "Letting Go & Moving On" 9D Somatic 9D Breathwork journey. An experience meticulously designed to liberate you from the confines of self imposed prison of stagnation and stuckness. 

Untangle the past and shed the burdens that have stalled your progress, paving the way for a future filled with promise and new beginnings. Essential themes of release, renewal, and progression weave through the journey, propelling a transformative shift in the narrative of your life. 

Navigate this path to recondition neural pathways, cultivating a perspective that views letting go not as a loss but as the key to unlocking personal evolution. This voyage is not just an exercise in 9D Breathwork but a guiding light towards your most unencumbered self. Engage with this practice, and set forth on a life marked by freedom and forward momentum.

9D Breathwork Journey - Letting go and Moving on

I had no idea what I was letting myself in for during a "breathwork session", but what happened today can hardly be put into words. I would never have thought that a "breathing technique" would have such power to access my subconscious. I have seen moments, situations and people from my life and past, felt things that I thought I had processed and felt connected and grateful and gained a bit more awareness of what really matters in life.
Thank you so much for your work and for giving me the opportunity to experience this. It certainly wasn't the last time and I will definitely recommend it to others.

Katrin Csernatoni

Entrepreneur and CEO of Fit4Fam

Every Journey will give you exactly what you need at this very moment

Here's What Others Have Experienced

With some skepticism and a lot of curiosity, I participated in a 9D Breathwork Session with Katja. It was very magical for me and also a bit spooky…

I felt like I was truly breathing for the first time in my life - down to every cell.
I have become a mother twice in the last 4 years. I can say that in the session, for the first time, I felt my body again in all its facets (except for pain and hunger).

Katja instructed us well, so I was able to endure the states well, trusting that it was a beneficial process for me and my body. Katja's presence and guidance during the process were very comforting.

I feel expansive, open, grateful, and endless.

Christin Descher


For many years I have been working with personal development, innerwork and spirituality. 

But since I was currently at a point where absolute exhaustion has entered my life, I had many universal questions and simply felt - that I could not get to some unconscious issues, I booked a 9D Breathwork session with Katja. You can imagine this sound experience like a high end cinema hall with multidimensional sounds coming from all sides. It's not intrusive, the English is easy to understand even for beginners. It was really nice.

For me, many entanglements loosened during the session. Mindblowing things became clear to me. Things that were so not obvious to me. My puzzle was completed!
Katja did a great job of holding the space and always made me feel safe.

So much so that I have now booked these sessions with her for my clients. Thank you Katja - this was not the last session for me..

Joana Garcia


Option #1: 9D Breathwork Journey


A somatic release Breathwork Journey is quite strenuous - think of it as a short workout. And as with sport, we can also check whether you are in good health to take part.

When you click on the "BOOK YOUR DATE & JOUNEY" button, you will be taken to a form where you will confirm your state of health. If you have any questions about it, don´t hesitate to contact me (+49 177 1978 608)

Date & Journey

You will find the different Journeys with the date as a selection option on the order page. Choose your favorite one.


A 9D Breathwork Journey lasts approx. 60 - 80 minutes and is embedded in a detailed intro and a reflection session. You should therefore plan approx. 2 hours per session.

With the confirmation email for your booking, you will already receive initial tips on how you can best prepare for your 9D Breathwork appointment.

I also have an exclusive WhatsApp group in which I offer tips and guidance for this amazing experience. Then there's only one thing left to do: look forward to your transformative Breathwork appointment.

Look forward to an amazing and transformational experience with breathing techniques, 432 Hz music, different frequencies to open your subconscious, hypnotic language patterns, subliminals and an ultra-stellar sound experience that takes you into emotional realms you may never have had access to before.

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14.04.24 - 4 pm 5 primary Trauma Imprints

05.05.24 - 5 pm The Origin

Option #2: 9D Breathwork Journey full moon special


A somatic release Breathwork Journey is quite strenuous - think of it as a short workout. And as with sport, we can also check whether you are in good health to take part.

When you click on the "BOOK YOUR DATE & JOUNEY" button, you will be taken to a form where you will confirm your state of health. If you have any questions about it, don´t hesitate to contact me (+49 177 1978 608)

Date & Journey

You will find the different Journeys with the date as a selection option on the order page. Choose your favorite one.


A 9D Breathwork Journey lasts approx. 60 - 80 minutes and is embedded in a detailed intro and a reflection session. During a Full Moon Session you get also an energetic update about the current Moon and a personal reflexion matching to this energy. You should therefore plan approx. 3 hours per session.

Full moons have a very special energy (this is different every month - depending on the sign of the full moon).

We can use this energy to let go, transform, reflect and embrace new things.

At the beginning of the full moon event, I will go into the prevailing energy, explain how we can best use it and prepare reflection questions for you.

We then embark on a thematically matching 9D Breathwork Journey.

You can find out which Journey it is in the schedule.

After the energetic update (with ceremony cacao) you will experience an amazing and transformational experience with breathing techniques, 432 Hz music, different frequencies to open your subconscious, hypnotic language patterns, subliminals and an ultra-stellar sound experience that takes you into emotional realms you may never have had access to before.

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Per session

Upcomming Events:

25.05.24 - 5:30 pm AwakeningJourney

24.06.24 - 6 pm (Theme is comming soon)

How People Experienced The 9D Breathwork Journey

9D Breathwork Journey Feedback by Petra K.

I really enjoyed it! Katja's introduction was very good and it didn't matter that I had no experience yet.

I was curious (and also skeptical) about what would happen and I didn't expect it to be so intense.

During the session, warmth rose within me and I started sweating. It was a feeling of floating and emotions were actually released.

It seems like a lot happened energetically. Today, I am much more relaxed and at ease, even though I have a lot on my mind currently.

I definitely want to do it again.

Petra K.


9D Breathwork Journey Feedback by Luca R.

The session with Katja was a 10/10! 

Her guidance and knowledge ist on a top level.

A lot of subconscious emotions came up during the session and I feel lighter after already the first session 💙

I highly recommend her.

Luca R.


9D Breathwork Journey Feedback by Gabi F.

I was a little nervous about what was coming up, especially because of my asthma.

But I felt very safe and comfortable during the session, and even when I needed a break in between, Katja was there watching everything.

I found it to be a great experience to be able to have such a deep experience through breathing and music, and it was very good that you can decide for yourself how deep you go.

In fact, I can now breathe much more relaxed and feel somehow freer. Thank you very much for this opportunity. 🙏

Gabi F.


Meet your certified 9D breathwork Journey facilitator

9D Breathwork Journeys with Facilitator Katja Graumann

Katja Graumann

Katja loves to accompany people in their personal and professional transformation. After 20 years experience in the field of nutrition and sport, she started to help health experts to uplevel their business.

During this work she realized the importance of mindset work, personal development and rewriting negative patterns. She worked with hundreds of people - always looking for the best matching, most effective and long lasting solutions. As a business coach and Neuro-Resonanz-Practitioner she felt in love with this special kind of Breathwork in 2022.

The results are so amazing, that she decided to bring 9D Breathwork to Cyprus and work more "hands-on" again.

When I had the opportunity to get to know Katja, I immediately had a warm and trusting feeling. It was clear to me that this woman has a valuable mission to fulfill here on Earth. She explained to me confidently and competently what 9D Breathwork is. I have been able to attend 2 sessions with her so far. Katja provides me with a safe space to fully engage and trust myself. The support even afterwards is perfect. She takes a lot of time and approaches everyone with a lot of empathy.

I am very grateful to her for my experiences and what has since been able to be resolved.
Much is happening in the subconscious, where the mind sometimes struggles to understand
🙃 I feel freer, clearer, and have regained more focus on moving forward. Thank you 🙏🏼


Spiritual Coach and Teacher