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Release Emotions And Negative Beliefs To Finally Unleash Your Full Potential

Experience how somatic emotional release due to 9D Breathwork can improve your overall well-being, your relationships, and even your business success.

Do you feel stuck or spinning in circles?

You are motivated, open, enjoy learning and have goals - in your personal life and also in business. But no matter what you set out to do, it seems to be difficult and slow

You keep hitting an invisible wall. A resistance that is preventing you from experiencing what should have been in your life for a long time.

You are already intensively engaged with the topic of personal development. However, it seems that a crucial piece of the puzzle is still missing for you.

Do you know that your subconscious mind plays a huge role in what you have and achieve in your life?

Because if you have already tried so much externally, but keep encountering these blockages, you must resolve the blockages and obstacles within yourself!

9D Breathwork is the missing piece of the puzzle!

Your patterns and habits are not innate - they are acquired!

All the patterns you have, all the things you believe about yourself, and all the habits that determine your actions on a daily basis, you have learned and picked up throughout your life. 

Or you have had them "imposed" on you - usually in your childhood.

The results on the outside are a reflection of your inner self

Through all these patterns and beliefs about what is possible for you (or not), your results on the outside are created. Therefore, we need to start right there and dissolve these beliefs, install new productive habits, and above all, get rid of the old emotional wounds...

Situations in which your nervous system could not process certain emotions well cause trauma.

"Trauma" is a very negatively and strongly charged word nowadays. We often think of abuse and similar incidents. And that is true, of course. In reality, however, ANY situation in your life can trigger trauma. Simply because in that specific moment, your nervous system (for various reasons) was not able to process that emotion appropriately.

It remains "stuck" and can even manifest as physical symptoms and pain in the short or long term. Throughout our lives, we have experienced countless small and larger traumas and carry them with us like a backpack full of old memories that make it difficult to move forward. And this is very different and individual for each person.

A 9D Breathwork Journey is a release valve, catalyst, and healing for these pent-up emotions - all at once.

"The 9D Breathwork Journey was a great, multidimensional sound experience for me. It led me through a variety of emotions both sonically and thematically. However, it is so much more than that! 

I felt that emotions stored in my body and soul were released. My body tingled the whole time, and the images in my mind were so clear and present that calling it 9D doesn't do it justice. I EXPERIENCED it. And I believe it's about feeling something that only takes place in the mind. It brought my vision into the sensation of my body. Katja was very calming as a facilitator, and I felt held and supported. I am truly grateful for this experience, which has brought me closer to MYself. It was so beneficial for me that I immediately booked a session for my husband. And honestly, I want everyone I love to have a session like this. Or even better. EVERYONE!"

Jasmin Gonzales

Author, Visibility-Coach

Ease comes from processing and letting go.

Once you process and release these blocking patterns and experiences on a physical and emotional level, you can move forward more freely and lightly. It's as if someone has taken a heavy iron ball off your leg.

There are various methods for this.

You can try to get to the root of the causes through conversations. If you have a very good coach or therapist by your side, this can certainly bring a lot. Unfortunately, it also takes a long time, and experiences from your early childhood are often not accessible to your memory. And so, you can find it difficult to resolve them.

Meditations / affirmations / subliminals / frequencies, and the like are also wonderful tools that I still love to use in my coaching sessions. However, these are all supportive tools that have more of a long-term effect and only work in combination with other interventions.

I have used each of these tools with great pleasure in the past years. However, I am someone who is a bit impatient and prefers things to be very efficient πŸ™‚.

9D Breathwork is a method that combines all of that (and much more)

In 2022, I discovered a wonderful method that also involves the body. (You may remember that I mentioned earlier that these unprocessed experiences are stored in the body). Through somatic work and Breathwork (specific breathing techniques), it is possible to release, process, and finally let go of these stored emotions and experiences.

This somatic Breathwork, combined with other effective tools, is a secret weapon! It doesn't just combine hypnotic language patterns, affirmations, subliminals, and guided coaching...

No - it also utilizes different frequencies to "tune" your brain waves so that the information can easily reach your subconscious, allowing us to rewrite the old, negative, blocking beliefs, patterns, and habits.

9D Breathwork is a world first and is as effective as nothing else currently on the market!

It was an incredible experience. I was amazed by the deep relaxation and clarity I experienced during these exercises. In this state of deep relaxation and conscious breathing, I felt as if I was transported to another dimension. It was a transformative experience that helped me connect with myself and find clarity for my initial intention. 

I felt safe and supported as I embarked on this journey. After the session, I felt refreshed, inspired, and empowered. Overall, I can highly recommend the 9D Breathwork session. It is a journey to oneself that offers both mental clarity and physical relaxation. I am very grateful for the experience.

9D Breathwork Feedback

Katharina Sachse

Business Mindset Coach

9D breathwork in cyprus is most commonly sought out by people struggling with:

Self-sabotage patterns and inner blockages
limiting beliefs and negative behavioral patterns
Chronic pain, depression, and PTSD
Grief, loss, suppressed emotions
Anxiety, fears and phobias
Childhood trauma
Suppressed emotions
Relationship struggles
Money blocks
Transformational Breathwork Sessions in Cyprus

That was by far the most intense thing I have ever experienced (and I have experienced a lot)

For six years, I have been wanting to participate in an Ayahuasca ceremony. But honestly, what happened today was like a trip without mushrooms πŸ„

I thank you for this experience, which catapulted me a complete level of consciousness within an hour πŸ˜‡

9D Breathwork Feedback

Mariam Weltsprung

Entrepreneur and spiritual Coach

9D Transformational Breathwork Can Help You:

9D Breathwork Journey in Cyprus
to grow personally and spiritually & to connect with your authentic self
to gain a sense of inner peace and contentment, well-being, and clarity
to release negative emotions, patterns and behaviors
to finally put your knowledge and skills into action
to discover your true purpose and life meaning
to stop spinning in circles and instead bring your expertise (your horsepower) to the streets

You will get exactly what you need and what your subconscious has prepared for your highest good.

Just trust the process and more important: trust your body, your mind and your soul.

Feedback from Our 9D Breathwork Customers

Feedback 9D Breathwork Journey

"I am completely impressed by what the combination of one's own breathing and the "appropriate sounds" in the ears can create.

If one really engages with it, they can have a truly unique experience.

I feel light, relaxed, soothed, and overall completely amazed. It is rare for me to be speechless like this.

I am so grateful for this. Thanks a lot, Katja."

Denise S.

Feedback 9D Breathwork Journey

β€œIt was a gigantic experience. I already knew some breathing techniques before, but that was incomparable to this session!

It was a rollercoaster of emotions, a deep feeling of happiness and pure energy.

I was able to let go of beliefs and resentment towards other people and felt liberated.

In the end, there remained a deep sense of satisfaction. Thank you very much for this unique experience! I definitely want to repeat it.”

Daniel W.

Feedback 9D Breathwork Journey

"Thank you very much for allowing me to be part of this special event.

The impressions and experiences of the Breathwork session were simply overwhelming for me as well.

It was an explosion of emotions that triggered so many thoughts.

Another incredible step on this fantastic journey towards my ultimate vision."

Ina M.

The 9 Layers of 9D Breathwork and its benefits

Every layer on its own is sooo powerful and can change your life. Imagine what the combination of all 9 Layers can do for you. It is incredible.

Can lead to heightened sensory perception, relaxation and may stimulate creativity and imagination. Imagine it as if that cognitive landscape enhances through the accumulation of multidimensional experiences.

Binaural beats are auditory illusions, an additional tone the brain creates when it is presented with two different frequencies at the same time to each ear. They Activate brain waves that induce certain states of mind, such as meditative states, better learning or focus.

Can positively impact self-confidence, behavioral patterns and dealing with stress, anxiety or pain and even change our current mood. We use various subliminal messages in the different journeys in order to address the specific issues with precision.

Advanced healing technique that uses intentional conscious breathing from ancient and modern practices to help increase our awareness of the body.

Powerful tool for personal growth and development, helps to experience boosted self-confidence and a renewed sense of self-worth.

These effects could enhance the overall auditory experience, promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and potentially even aiding in pain management.

Synchronizes your brainwaves with the frequency you are listening to in order to enhance deep relaxation, integration, improved concentration and even alleviate pain

Can induce relaxation, reduce stress, and even enhance cellular regeneration and have a positive impact on the body. They are believed to have a profound impact on the mitochondria - the powerhouses within our cells.

Instill feelings of peace and well-being, induces a sense of tranquility and positivity, could promote intuition and has been proven to lower the heart rate and blood pressure.

That is why the combined potential of all of the components together sets the 9D transformational experience on a different level, delivering a revolutionary, groundbreaking healing modality which is unparalleled worldwide.

For me, it is an incredible enrichment to have been able to experience the 9-D Breathwork work through you. It was an experience unlike any other I have had before, and it is not easy to put it into words. 

For me, the process of allowing my body to enter the state brought on by breathing was the most exciting part. Trusting my body to handle it well and being well supported was unfamiliar to me, and at the same time, many images came up that triggered various emotions in me, which I found very liberating and releasing.

The beautiful feeling that spreads throughout my body towards the end of the session is the perfect conclusion for me. It is indescribably beautiful. Even after the session, my body continued to work. I highly recommend the session and will definitely do it again. 

With Katja by my side, I felt comfortable and very safe at all times. With her loving and competent approach, she accompanies the participants very compassionately before and after the session, so that there is always the possibility of being strengthened and supported in their own experiences by her. 

I feel that the 9-D Breathwork work has a positive impact on all levels - physically, mentally, and spiritually, and for that, I am very grateful. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your wonderful work, dear Katja. Warm regards, Claudia

Claudia Ries

Personal Trainer and Coach

Want to hear how the 9D Breathwork layers sound?

In this Audio Brian (Founder and voice of 9D Breathwork) lets you hear the different layers so you can get a better impression of it. (use headphones for this)

9D Breathwork Journey in Cyprus

At this point you already understand that 9D Breathwork is a powerful and revolutionary approach to breathwork

And that it delivers an impactful life-changing experience with long-lasting results.

If you’ve reading this whole website, it’s an indication that you have a desire to create change in your life, whether in the state of your health and wellbeing, business, relationships or all of them combined.

I invite you to use the power of 9D Breathwork with your desire to effect change, to boost the process and help you gain clarity and an overall healthier state of well-being.

First of all, thank you so much for the unforgettable experience! I had no idea what a breathing exercise could do. As I lay there and breathed, things came up for me that I hadn't processed, but it felt good to let go. My whole body was shaking and it felt like something wanted to come out of me, and the craziest thing was that I couldn't move my body because I was in a kind of trance state. At the end of the exercise, it was very quiet inside me and it felt so liberating, I just had to smile.

It's been almost three weeks now and I'm honest with you, I want more of it 😁 my partnership is now running smoothly and my business is really taking off! I'm looking forward to our next meeting.

Sergej Fuchs


Meet your certified 9D breathwork facilitator

9D Breathwork Journeys with Facilitator Katja Graumann

Katja Graumann

Katja loves to accompany people in their personal and professional transformation. After 20 years experience in the field of nutrition and sport, she started to help health experts to uplevel their business.

During this work she realized the importance of mindset work, personal development and rewriting negative patterns. She worked with hundreds of people - always looking for the best matching, most effective and long lasting solutions. As a business coach and Neuro-Resonanz-Practitioner she felt in love with this special kind of Breathwork one year ago.

The results are so amazing, that she decided to bring 9D Breathwork to Cyprus and work more "hands-on" again.